Welcome to Stories From the New World

Welcome to Stories From the New World

What do you see when you envision this world’s future?

Is it all gloom and doom, of the dystopian lot? Or is it something much, much greater?

I envision the future as green, with great trees that snake their way into the heavens high above. I dream of streams that run clear and air that tastes as crisp as the sun’s rays on your flesh during a warm, summer day.

I dream of hiking over mountains that come alive with breath at night. Entrances into this world’s secrets filled with hidden occult knowledge of the eons.

I dream of space and its inhabitants, lumbering but sage.

I’ve walked amongst biometric gardens on the moon and felt the warm rays of the sun. The radiation sending the hairs on my skin into a satisfying frenzy.

I’ve flown through time and space and back beyond once more.

I’ve become immortal, in tune with the primordial beings of this earth.

I am free because I have been released of my earthly body’s constraints.

And I love in harmony.

And I live on harmony.

And I live in harmony.

I don’t envision the gloom and doom of dystopian science fiction in our collective nonlinear timelines.

 I see hope, growth and prosperity.

Ancient wonders run about, mingling with our prospective realities.

So this will be what this website is about, and this is the purpose of Stories from the New World.

To bring an alternative solution to the climate situation, while offering elucidation for a new beginning.

Welcome to Stories from the New World!

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