Creating a Home from a Blog

Creating a Home from a Blog

So hello everyone. For those of you who may not know, my name is Shannon. And this is my website, Stories From the New World.

I intended for this to only be my author website for a series of stories and short films I am working on. I wasn’t sure how to promote this site, and during the time I purchased this domain I already had another one. That other website became what I considered a ‘Guinea Pig Site’ in my head. It was a blog, which has become very successful in a year due to continued hard work. Continued postings, continued indulgence in that community.

That blog has become a home. When I log in, I am immediately happy. I have friends there, I am included in group discussions. I have found my happiness there, and brought out the blog’s identity.

Here? Not so much. It will be a year soon that this website has existed, and it’s still a blank slate. I need to change that. And I will.

So although this was always meant to be an author site with a few reviews here and there, I am going to experiment a bit. As I have experimented with my other one, and see what comes out. I would like to see what shape emerges from the firm but moldable putty that is SFTNW.

My Pinterest account has gotten pretty popular, unexpectedly. Maybe that, along with Twitter will be my primary social media channels. Who knows yet? This blog is still growing. And that is totally exciting to me, to develop a new clean slate based on what I know now. What I took a year to learn on my own, through trial and error.

2020 is going to be a great year for many reasons.

I’ve learned a lot since I last posted about indentured servitude in America. Maybe in addition to those stories from the series, that is what I will blog about.

Either way, today I will be releasing a review I’ve held on the back burner for almost a year. I have other writings scattered across Microsoft Word folders to post. Along with a stack of news articles I wanted to go through.

So in short, there are plans for this website. It’s not a dead website, it’s not a shell, nor a husk. It is living, and breathing. It just needs to take form.

I am glad you are all here, and hello to those I will meet along the way! ☺

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