Needlessly Re-inventing the Wheel

Needlessly Re-inventing the Wheel

I have a confession to make: I haven’t really known what to do with this website since purchasing the domain.

Yes, it is meant to be an author website – but I couldn’t decide on what type of content to put on it.

Do I put book updates? Chapter progress? Talk about my favorite tv shows and how they inspire me?

There’s also the issue of history and genealogy. I’ve been doing my family’s genealogy (the furthest I got back was the 1200’s in one branch!) and thought about sharing my periodic struggles and occasional frustrations.  Before deeming it ‘too personal’ and deciding to talk about just American history with occasional anecdotes from my personal life.

Which is fine, but the amount of research required to assemble a coherent blog post in the essay/research paper format I enjoy so much seems to take away from the time I could be using to work on my books.

So in short, I’m changing things once again.

I am taking down the placeholder text for the tabs, and just leaving a ‘blog’ ‘book series’ ‘about’ and ‘contact’ tab. I may or may not leave the ‘library’.

I’m just going to write about small topics that interest me, ideas for the book series, and the occasional poem. Because sometimes, less is really more.

I need to work on gathering artists for the website’s outward aesthetic and functionality but until then, it will remain as so. Even if it is slowly, progress is progress.

Also, I am adding an anti-spam filter to the contacts and comment section. Because for the love of god I swear if I receive one more ‘harmless’ inquiry trying to scam me into buying a product or service to increase my DA I will scream.

I know how to raise my DA. I know how to use SEO. I understand the concept of backlinks. I was juggling a lot of different things before, but I now know what the site needs. I also know all of your sales pitches because I frequent those (guru) circles on Twitter.

Seriously – leave me alone!

Signing off, Shannon –

Remember, This World is a Shadow of the Real One.

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